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Make $30 daily with one hour work

Make $30 daily with one hour work 

What is Gygan?

Gygan is a fast free file sharing app. Users can share files with unlimited speed, can upload as much as they want with no file size limits, and get unlimited online storage, all free! Gygan is a mix between Rapidshare and Limewire.

What is the Payout?

Get paid for every FREE Signup. The payout rate is between $1 and $1.50 USD per free signup, depending on the quality and the source of your traffic.
** Free user leads DO NOT require credit card or email verification

This is not like sharecash system .You simply upload what you want .eg twilight movie and share your link in movie forums .

You will get paid for each install 

We also have a sub-affiliate program where you can make a % of what affiliates you refer earn.

How Much Money Will You Earn?

Currently our website converts visitors to free signups at nearly 10%.
(So 1000 clicks will earn you around $100-$150 in commissions) 

How to Get Started?

To become an affiliate go here


How to be accepted as affiliate ?

Put your information .
You don't need to have a website 

In the place of website link , just put a simple download blog .You can search in google .

Payment method 

paypal and check .
Minimum payout is $25 

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